At the Wheaten Store, we are very concerned about sustainability, ecological impact and ethical manufacturing. We believe in proximity and strive to produce as close as possible to our customers. Most* of our products are made in Montreal Canada, even some fabrics are manufactured here. 

We do not want to over produce and minimize our stocks. This is why we have opted for a "just in time" model where each product is cut, printed and sewn when you order them. 

We know it occurs a longer processing delay for you to get your items, but it ensures quality, and zero waste in the environment.

In compensation for the production delays, shipping fees are on us!

We hope you understand our environmental concerns and thank you for your patience.

the wheaten store production and delivery process


*Note: Because we haven't found yet a local production partner, some products, such as shoes, for example, are made in other countries (USA, CHINA, EU, etc)