Know who we are !

The Wheaten Store was born out of two passions :

The number one is that we are CRAZY about Wheatens !!! We spend hours liking and commenting on other people's posts about Wheatens. Our own Mugi -- which means Wheat in Japanese -- is the star of our everyday. Who doesn't LOOOVE this breed ? Well, they do LOOOVE everybody in return.

The number two reason is the Owner's passion for movies. Watching them, yes, but making them is in her veins. She grew up with a camera in her hand, and no, there were no smart phones in those days ! But to make films, you need some fundings. So most of the profits from The Wheaten Store are saved to invest into new independent creations ! Sometimes featuring Wheatens of course !

Shop, chat, comment, ask what you want, we LOOOVE you as much as Wheaties!

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the wheaten store owner                   Soft coated wheaten terrier
712 ch. Donnelly, Godmanchester, QC, Canada